The Commander


An old soldier, who was now a senior officer, was reflecting on his life one day. He never dreamed that it would turn out like it had, though all-in-all, it hadn’t been a bad life so far. But still, the commander wasn’t quite sure what it really meant to be who he was. So he decided to do a little research.

First he went to his teen-aged children and asked them, “Who am I?”

They looked at him a little strangely and said, “You’re our dad, of course.”

Then he went to his wife and asked, “Who am I?”

His wife replied, “You’re my husband.”

Afterwards he went to his soldiers and asked one of them, “Who am I?”

The startled soldier paused a moment and said, “You’re my commander, sir.”

He then went over to the commissary where his family shopped for groceries, and he asked one of the ladies at the cash register, “Who am I?”

Without even looking up, she said, “You’re a customer, sir.”

Finally, he went to the post chaplain and asked, “Who am I, chaplain?”

Expecting to be told he was a child of God (or something like that), he was surprised when the chaplain said, “Sir, you are who you are.

“But the real issue is that you’re going to become whatever it is you decide to do. So think carefully about what you decide to do with today.”


Don’t rush the self-assessment! Consider carefully your decisions, especially as they impact the work you do .  You will spend most of your life in work-related activities, so you are likely to become what you decide to do with your life.

Vocation works!