Introducing the Entrepreneurial Workforce

We’ve been talking about the Entrepreneurial Workforce for about a decade, but it’s never been more important than it has become┬átoday!


What is the Entrepreneurial Workforce? It’s a workforce where jobs are defined by:

  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Abilities

It’s a workforce where the worker who owns the knowledge, skills, and abilities actually owns the job.

It’s a workforce where the traditional employer owns the “opportunity to work” because the employer needs someone (or many) with a certain set of knowledge, skills, and abilities.


In the Entrepreneurial Workforce, the employer and the worker are actually partners who work together to solve a problem(s) or meet a challenge(s) that results in a product or service being delivered to another person or group of people.

The Entrepreneurial Workforce brings traditional employers together with qualified workers in a temporary setting. The timeframe could be short-term (days, weeks, or months) or long-term (many years). But both parties have an expectation that it will not last forever. It will last only as long as the “opportunity to work” exists.


Job security for the entrepreneurial worker is actually very strong. That’s because it is tied to the worker’s knowledge, skills, and abilities rather than being tied to a single “opportunity to work.”

So long as the entrepreneurial worker is flexible (willing to work for multiple employers in a career) and committed to lifelong learning, there is no reason to believe that an entrepreneurial workforce will not enjoy strong job security!


The Entrepreneurial Workforce is an intriguing topic. We’ll have more to share on this subject in future blogs.