Career Portfolios-Traditional or Online?

Or Both!  The true value of a career portfolio is to help your students and/or job seekers better know themselves and help them market themselves during an interview (for a job, internship, or scholarship).  Starting with a traditional portfolio is usually good practice…it’s a great place to collect all those pieces of paper that are relevant but often scattered all over the place (certificates, assessment results, awards, achievements, thank you notes, and the list goes on and on).  TIP: google “Career Portfolio” to discover examples of suggested content since it may vary with specific career goals and life stages (high school vs encore careers).

Once you have a traditional portfolio started, an e-portfolio is easier to create.  The simpliest way to think of an e-folio is as a personal website that promotes a person’s career potential.  There are so many great free resources available…again “google” it.   e-Portfolios are becoming more and more popular in the Career Development-Job Seeking environment. An HR student of ours told us that she gets links to e-Portfolio’s in emails and thank you notes from people she has interviewed all the time…just another way to raise the bar!

Two great (free) examples of options that will connect with LinkedIn are and  They will use your profile and create your e-folio in a snap! See what you think!

Above all, encourage those you work with to recognize that what they do in their life (volunteer work, hobbies, etc.) can contribute to what they can do in their future.  Help them write their story  by starting with a career portfolio.

Informational Interview–Go Virtual!

We talk about the value of “Informational Interviews”, but how are you teaching your customers to do it?  And how do those of us that work in Business and Employer Services do them?  Do you want to learn about a particular business? Is it hard to find time to visit in person? Use YouTube!! No kidding!! You will be surprised how many businesses and industries use this tool.  We did a little research and it’s amazing how much information they post on their YouTube page.  If you want to learn about a business or employer quickly and uncover what their interests and concerns are, check out their YouTube page.  It’s like conducting an Informational Interview without every leaving your office. That’s why we call it the Virtual Informational Interview ….you can add to your toolbox today!